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    Hey,I don't know if anyones commented on this but I read on VNUnet the other day a report that sharers don't give a dam about the RIAA harassment and have started to share again,good stuff,I have noticed my D/L speeds getting better so Iit's good news huh (if the topic has been started elsewhere please move me post)

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    Filesharing won't go away just because of RIAA bullying. You're living in a time of revolution - first came the Renaissance, then the Industrial Revolution, then the Socialist and Capitalist revolutions. History will remember this period as the Communications Revolution, and like all other revolutions, the people will end up winning. Blood will be spilt; buildings will be bombed; and then the great mass of humanity will find something else to fight about. Just remember: You can stop drops of rain leaking in at your windows, but you cannot stop the tide rising on the beach.


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