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    I am new to Kazaa. I've enjoyed the usual downloading of music and learning a new P to P network.
    I have a lot of expensive Operating Systems such as W2KPro & Advanced Server and applications I would like to share. How can I do that since most don't have the key cones embedded in them. I also have some eval versions with corosponding sites to go to to hack them into permanent versions. Heck, I don't know if I am allowed to talk about this here. But it's good stuff. Nothing malicious or harmfull.

    Perhaps an experienced Kazaa member would contact me off list and offer some guidence. How would I furnish my e-mail address to a mentor?

    Thanks, Cave

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    There are a lot of programs available to make a copy of a program cd.
    Preferably make a cd image ( iso or bin ). You can use for example a program like winiso. Very easy. ( add a txt file with the serial or the needed information )
    Then you get a single file that can be burnt on a cd. So very nice to share.
    Put these iso's or bins (+cues) in you shared folder
    This is illegal but you've already guessed....


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