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Thread: Need To Identify Two Programs,

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    I need help finding out about a couple of programs I have seen before that work with kazaa but didnt get them when I saw them and forgot where I saw them and what their name was.
    The first allowed me to get a direct connection between two users on kazaa, to transfer files between the two. Or if there is another way to transfer a large file between two computers over the net, how the heck do I do it.
    Also I need to find out how to fix a movie I downloaded. I have it on one machine and it works fine, but when I downloaded it to another, it is horrible. If I remember right there was a program that could go through a movie and find the corrupted parts and redownload just those parts of the movie instead of the whole thing.
    Can anyone send me in a direction that I need to look to figure these two things out.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    First app is the Kbrowser, maybe Aldo has it.

    The second can be found here: Anti Corruption Software or here: Kazaa Corruption Fixer.


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