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Thread: Kazaa Lite Rc12 - Almost No Sources Problem

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    I just downloaded recently k-lite RC12 (made a clean install, cleaned my system w/ spybot and Ad-aware, I was using k-lite 2.4.3) and I have a huge problem since then :

    Independently from the fact that there is a lot of search result for the a specific file search (I know that kazaa has a limit retainig many sources (+15 or something, far from being shure) but I could for exemple search for a file, find out that there is 10 result, and I would still be getting a "more sources needed", which happend for almost 90% of my download :

    -is that a known problem?
    -is there any solution to that?

    (INFO : I still can u/l, and I'm using a differant port (1111) than the one used for the install, having that port open in my router for both outgoing and incomming traffic, and the filter for "unacessible file due to my router"... is enable in kazaa's option)



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    Anyways due to your router problem port forward your
    router to the port that KL is using such 1111. Then use
    KaNAT (recent version).

    Read KaNAT intructions first before using it.

    I would rather stick with Clean KMD 2.4.4
    The one that your using right now RC12 is
    a beta version, so do not depend on beta's,
    except on KaNAT that says beta versions all the time.

    I use to have those kind of problems, ticked me off many times. I port forwarded my router, used KaNAT problem solved. But if you do search some files that are rare it will cause you "need more sources." So KaNAT is 80% effective.

    Your O/S?
    Your connection?
    P4 2.4C / 1024M / R9600XT 128M / 80GB / 400W
    Peer-to-peer Programs...

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    More info...

    Port 1111 is forwarded by my router (already), thx for KaNat, I'll try to see if it does any difference..

    for what's about RC12, I know it's still in beta, but the I don't think "beta" state of it affect any of network side of the software, as the core, Kazaa 2.6.0, is known to be working...

    (I'm on WinXP-sp1, my dsl seem on it's performance to be 1600/400 and i'm using a -ling (dl-604) router ...)


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    Il get into that.
    You never know about betas usally have bugs... anyways KaNAT has to work, unless your KL options settings are totally off.

    I recommend using Clean KMD 2.4.4 try it and lets see what happens...

    If that doesnt work try a new port, usually ports do not matter but hey what else is there....
    P4 2.4C / 1024M / R9600XT 128M / 80GB / 400W
    Peer-to-peer Programs...


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