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Thread: Tmpgenc Help

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    i wanna put a asf/wmv file on vcd which would be the best way to do this? I'm using TMPGEnc but i had a little audio sync problems.

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    asf is real bastard format, however if you are getting tmpgenc to actually do anything with it you are doing well.

    What you want to do to fix the audio sync problem is get virtual dub, you will need to google for version 1.3, as after that it does not support asf.

    Open the video file with it, go to audio- full processiong mode, then file - save wav.

    Save the wav and then use it as the audio source in tmpgenc.

    If you have some time I would suggest instead converting the wav to mp2 with besweet, and then multiplexing it in with tmpgenc, but that is not necessary.


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