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Thread: My Xbox Stopped Working

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    MY xbox just went dead on me, the eject button doesn't work,when i press it it just blinks but doesn't open, the logo doesn't come up! what could be the problem?>

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    umm its broken... just go to gamestop and get a used one :\

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    Try this:

    1. Buy a new one

    2. Put the old one in the new box (make sure it's clean).

    3. Make sure the serial sticker is swapped

    4. Return it.

    I had to do this the PS1 AND the PS2 when they decided not work in a short period of time. A game developer even said the Sony were putting out inferior PS2's in the beginning and because the cost to fix them almost equalled a new one, people were rebuying them. I would understand if I dropped it but...

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