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Thread: Ip Address

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    Hey all, i went to a web site where i did test of my computers weakness.

    I found out that i had a couple 1 was USB plug & play device opening the internet for hackers & the other was me IP address, not fussed about that really untill it said that it was being brodcasted from the server? i was confused as all the other tests passed with flying colours execpt me IP.

    I run Zonealarm Pro on me comp & it stealths all me ports & activity, but whats the point if i give me IP address on a plate to you?

    Is there anyway of masking it so anyone can't get to it? Not like i wanna hide nothing but it's opening me to attacks from hackers.



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    u dont need to hide it

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    why not I have AOL and I have been trying to mask my IP address for a long time but no one knows how to do it on AOL. I use Internet Explorer to browse but AOL to connect. How would you mask it?

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    Yeah i think i should have mentioned me IP owner/server it is AOL I use IE6 instead of there crappy software. I think after 12 months i'll ship over to someone else.

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    if you broadcast no IP then you wont get any info from the web

    basically, its the way that a website knows where to send to data to - no ip=no data
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