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Thread: Nero Burner Won't Open

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    "InCD currently accesses 1 or more recorders.Please eject these CDs and restart Nero afterwards."
    Well I used TaskMan to end InCD.exe, but still the Nero prog won't start. All CDs have been removed.Daemon tools has been shut down. What on earth is my problem? Nero worked fine just before, I had just erased a CDRW. Now I am plagued by this pop-up, preventing me from using Nero to burn an iso! Anyone help me please?

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    My suggestion try Uninstalling it and reinstalling it from your PC, if that doesn't work try cleaning it out of the registry. But very important make sure you have the latest version of Nero witch is i thing

    hope that helped

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    WOW! Now I received that top speed! Many thanks for your kindness
    I shall set about the re-install straightaway...thx again Anton

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    This is annoying with CD-RW's and Nero/InCD. If InCD has EVER run and a formatted CD-RW been in the drive it will take over and Nero will complain.

    Unless you use UDF often (which I think most people don't) then I think it is best to take InCD out of startup. I put a shortcut to it on the desktop, so if I ever want it I can quickly load it - but it is pointless it running all the time unused, especially when it throws up this problem.

    So once you've taken it out of startup (in Win2K I erase the entry in the registry from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run), REBOOT and Nero should never complain again.

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    geprobert you know your stuff! Yeah Incd has been a pain! Well I un-installed, and reg-cleanered, and now I found Anton's copy needs a serial.
    I managed to find my old disc, Nero, but of course, no serial no. with it. Ahead's site say they charge for replacements.And a fruitless hour using Google got me nowhere!
    Guess I might just d/l the trial CloneCD an use that to burn an iso!
    Cheers guys!


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