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Thread: Error

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    I keep getting an expected script error..sometime two in a row mostly when i go from one topic to another....different line and char...i rebooted...still doing it...

    dont know if its my end or yours..

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    A copy of the error might be more helpful...although I can't say I'm getting any script errors.

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    It happened to me twice.
    I thought it was because i was clicking links to quickly after i had already just moved.


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    It has stopped or i fixed it...I went and deleted all my off-line content twice under internet options....and I am fine either it cleared the cyber-fairies were messing with me and have stopped or I had something corrupt in my internet folder..

    sorry to bother u..


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    If you see any errors please always post a screenshot cause it will help us to find the error.

    Thank you for reporting that it was on your side.



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