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Thread: Office Xp -v- Office 2003

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    I would like everyone’s opinion before I download.


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    Office 2003 is really a good office suite but most of improvements(with probably the exception for outlook) are not really huge for daily home use. If you use office suite a lot then you will really feel worth of the update. Otherwise, it's just the same old stuff.

    MS also included xml support.

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    I will say that i like the 2003 interface a little better, just a little more crisp looking in my opinion, no big changes as mentioned though.

    at this point I waould say 2003, because it probably easier to find aswell the all in ones work just fine, no need for all 5cd's

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    Originally posted by ultimatejester@29 January 2004 - 06:57
    Office 2003 is really a good office suite but most of improvements(with probably the exception for outlook)
    I disagree Ultimatejester, I liked the new Outlook better than the old one!

    I like office 2003, as Todisscool said, it looks a little crisper and more pleasing to the eye!

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    Microsoft Outlook is more pleasing on the eye, as is pretty much the whole of Office 2003
    As well as being a little more user friendly, if you can imagine that with any Microsoft products

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    I wish I got paid billions of dollars just to put out products that look "pretty"

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    The main improvements are a new interface (finally skinnable in itself if you use say WindowBlinds or StyleXP), a new online help where you can search Office Online Support as well as the installed help file, and general bugs etc.

    However, there are a few new programs in the Professional version that are new in 2003 - Visio allows you to create new diagrams (think simplified mouse-driven CAD). OneNote is pretty much a notepad for any kinds of data. There's also another software I can't remember that creates forms.

    Other than that - Not much

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    I like Office 2003 (aesthetically) better than XP. However, in 2003 they took out Microsoft Photo Editor, and that was a program I used a lot

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    I prefer 2003.


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