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Thread: Emo

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    I'm writing this because of recent activity in soulseek and various chats with members here.
    What is Emo?

    First off, most people tell me it stands for Emotion. But wouldn't 90% of all music then be considered Emo? Songs written about people or places are most of the time emotional songs. Weather the emotion being love, hate, indecsion or what have you, the songs deal with emotions.
    Would the Cure be cosidered Emo? The Beatles? Limp Bizkit or even Jay-z?

    Now I see an offshoot of emo, Screamo. Two groups I see in the Screamo catagory are The Deftones and Finch.
    I can easily hear them screaming in most of their songs but I wouldn't go so far as to label their music as Screamo simple because of that. Wouldn't that make Limp Bizkit Screamo? It seems a little silly, I could go and call every rap song that starts out with "Yeah yeah Ugh" as Yeah Ugh Hop.

    Anyways I have no idea really what bands really want to be in the "Emo Genre"
    Myself and a few other soulseek users make it a point to let people know that we hate genres. I also have no idea if I enjoy Emo or not because I simple can't identify this new "Genre" of music.

    So far the only helpful/funny info I have found is this:

    How To Be Emo

    1) Lose Any Sense Of Shame: This might be the most important thing to keep in mind. No matter what, you can never let anyone get you un-down. People will give you looks (well, you hope they will....since you are mainly doing this for the appearance) and you are just going to have to deal with this. After you learn how to play a few chords on your acoustic guitar and have scribbled out a few "heart felt" lyrics in your memo book, you are going to have to learn to perform in front of crowds (your mirror or, if you make it big, your parents in between commercials). You cannot afford holding back because you are afraid of what you look like. One key point: if all else fails, CRY. You might look like a girl, but at least you will still be emo.

    2) Learn Some Self Control: This is very important. If you are new to this emo-lifestyle (which can also be referred to as "stupid) you might not be used to appearing upset all the time...but you must. You cannot afford to ever crack a smile in public. People may start thinking you are (::gasp: happy? That would not be good at all. Try to learn to save any of these "happy" feelings for when you are alone (most likely you will be alone a lot if you are this emo). When these times come, let out just a brief smile, take a deep breath, and then sniff some onions in order to get your eyes watery (it's a nice effect).

    3) The Glasses: The thick-rimmed, black glasses are integral to a perfect Emo Get Up.....Kids (respect the pun). Without these, people may see some of your face. If they do this, you run the risk of showing emotion. It doesn't matter if you need glasses in real life or not, get these glasses. You'll look like Buddy Holly only (if this is possible) not as cool.

    4) The Acoustic Guitar: As mentioned above, the acoustic guitar is necessary for any emo kid. Drums? Too simple. Electric guitar? Way too happy sounding. Bass? Despite the low sound symbolizing the depths of your soul, it is still just not quite artistic enough. Flute? Not quite feminine enough. You need the acoustic. When people ask you to play it (even though you obviously don't know more than a few chords) just sniffle a little and say "To play without a girlfriend would be to play without a soul." They will slowly walk away and you won't have to worry about playing it anymore. High Five!!.....oh wait, you don't do those....too happy.

    5) The Poetry Book: Write poetry all of the time. Why? Because no one is going to invite you anywhere else, so you might as well kill some time. Use this book of poems to, originally, draw girls' attention and, inevitably, chase them away.

    6) The Hair: This is a big deal to an emo-kid. Since he cannot show emotion in any other aspect of his life, his hair must represent him. In other words, your hair must show people you like to follow trends but not look like you are. Therefore, dye it all black and go to a stylist. BUT HE/SHE BETTER BE GOOD.....or else your $30 haircut might not look like you simply cut it yourself. Make sure at least one eye is covered by your hair. When asked why you have your hair over your eye say something like "::sigh:: It is my shield to the cruel world."

    7) The Webcam: This is an E-must. If you do not have a webcam, you do not know true sorrow. Take pictures of yourself all the time. Make sure you never appear happy...ever. Okay, well maybe you can smile in one picture, but quickly delete it. Never look directly at the camera, either. That would show interest. The picture should look something like as shown.

    8) The Clothes: What is that phrase? Clothes make the man? Well, in this case, someone else's clothes make the man. You can only shop at Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any other place where the average customer gets the early bird special and then grabs some lunch at the local food pantry. If you want to be a "posuer" (if that is still possible) you can grab some t-shirts and the like at your local Abercrombie outlet. These clothes aren't truly "emo," though, because they have a brand name on them. After you're done grabbing some shirts, it's time for some pants. Only Dickies or plain blue jeans can ever touch your legs. Shorts reveal too much leg which, in turn, may show some character on your part. Remember: the key is to remain obscure when you really are secretly hoping to be noticed by everyone. Finally, you cannot forget about the shoes. Stay with anything that looks like you parents wore them for 10 years....only buy them, brand new (again, pun), for $55 at Hot Topic.

    9) Music: You're almost there!! You've got the image, now all you need is.....wait, what's that? You are only doing this for the image? Hmm....

    Well, let's assume someone out there actually wants to complete their Emo-city. You're final step is choosing the correct music. There are two key points to this. First, ONLY listen to bands that are unknown. If they have already been discovered by anyone other than you, they have "sold out" and you have no respect for them anymore. Secondly, once you find these bands, make sure their names follow this simple formula: They must be three words long; they can start with a "The"; words like"theory," "project," and some type of Day are always a plus.

    Finally, if you become a full Emo-head (a.k.a. Cry-Baby) you must join a band. At first, just be a solo artist on your acoustic guitar (see #4). This can also be called the "learn you suck at music" period. After that, if you at least have a decent voice, join a full band. Make sure the name follows the formula I stated above.

    Well, that's it. If you can follow these simple steps, you will eventually be a true Emo Kid. Make sure to read everything clearly (wipe your eyes as you read the directions if your tears are getting in the way) because we wouldn't want any mix ups. You might misread something and actually seem content to someone.
    any experts, or people that enjoy genres should definetly post and help me out with this one.

    What the hell is Emo?

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    well I guess I need a list of groups and artists that are in this Genre...

    REALITY ffs

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    I'd rather be a crying pussy than emo

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@28 January 2004 - 21:55
    A south park episode dealing with emo? or just goths?

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    no i don't watch much southpark...

    anyone wanna contribute as to what bands are labeled as Emo?
    or an origin of emo?

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    emo is sort of an offshoot of punk-- a lot of people credit Guy Piccioto (of Fugazi fame) & his band Rites Of Spring with starting emo, or at least being one of emo's prototypes. i don't think Guy really enjoys being associated with emo though-- sorta like Iggy Pop hated the fact that people wanted to credit him with being the original punk rocker.

    i'm no expert though. it seems like the common thread in emo is mostly the lyrics (anemic goth), fashion (moth-eaten sweaters & nerd glasses), ethics (my woe is greater than your woe), whatever... since the music itself seems to be all over the map (punk, folk, progressive rock, etc).

    a pretty easy formula for writing an emo song seems to be:
    1) sad angry sad angry sad
    2) loud quiet loud
    3) sing about getting dumped by your girlfriend, suicide, stars, booze, being sad, being angry, being lonely, etc.

    a few years ago "emo" seemed like a contrived category that described a lot of sensitive teenager cliches rather than a type of music... and i doubt it's progressed very far beyond that, even now. it's mostly a shabby replacement for goth, since most people figured out that goth = bad clothes, bad hair, and bad makeup.'s top 10 emo records:
    1) Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are?
    2) Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2
    3) Jimmy Eat World - Jimmy Eat World
    4) Thursday - Full Collapse
    5) Braid - Frame And Canvas
    6) Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
    7) Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down
    8) Saves The Day - Stay What You Are
    9) Rites Of Spring - End On End
    10) Embrace

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    "Originally an arty outgrowth of hardcore punk, emo became an important force in underground rock by the late '90s, appealing to modern-day punks and indie-rockers alike. Some emo leans toward the progressive side, full of complex guitar work, unorthodox song structures, arty noise, and extreme dynamic shifts; some emo is much closer to punk-pop, though it's a bit more intricate. Emo lyrics are deeply personal, usually either free-associative poetry or intimate confessionals. Though it's far less macho, emo is a direct descendant of hardcore's preoccupations with authenticity and anti-commercialism; it grew out of the conviction that commercially oriented music was too artificial and calculated to express any genuine emotion. Because the emo ideal is authentic, deeply felt emotion that defies rational analysis, the style can be prone to excess in its quest for ever-bigger peaks and releases. But at its best, emo has a sweeping power that manages to be visceral, challenging, and intimate all at once. The groundwork for emo was laid by Hüsker Dü's 1984 landmark Zen Arcade, which made it possible for hardcore bands to tackle more personal subject matter and write more tuneful and technically demanding songs. Emo emerged in Washington, D.C. not long after, amidst the remnants of the hardcore scene that had produced Minor Threat and Bad Brains. The term "emo" (sometimes lengthened to "emocore") was initially used to describe hardcore bands who favored expressive vocals over the typical barking rants; the first true emo band was Rites of Spring, followed by ex-Minor Threat singer Ian MacKaye's short-lived Embrace. MacKaye's Dischord label became the center for D.C.'s growing emo scene, releasing work by Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, Nation of Ulysses, and MacKaye's collaboration with members of Rites of Spring, Fugazi. Fugazi became the definitive early emo band, crossing over to alternative rock listeners and getting press for their uncompromisingly anti-commercial attitudes. Aside from the Dischord stable, most early emo was deeply underground, recorded by extremely short-lived bands and released on vinyl in small quantities by small labels; some vocalists literally wept onstage during song climaxes, earning derision from hardcore purists. Fugazi notwithstanding, emo didn't really break out of obscurity until the mid-'90s emergence of Sunny Day Real Estate, whose early work defined the style in the minds of many. Tempering Fugazi's gnarled guitar webs with Seattle grunge, straight-up prog-rock, and crooned vocals, SDRE launched a thousand imitators who connected with their dramatic melodies and introspective mysticism. Some of this new generation connected equally with the wry, geeky introspection and catchy punk-pop of Weezer's Pinkerton album. While several artists continued to build on Fugazi's innovations (including Quicksand and Drive Like Jehu), most '90s emo bands borrowed from some combination of Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Weezer. Groups like the Promise Ring, the Get Up Kids, Braid, Texas Is the Reason, Jimmy Eat World, Joan of Arc, and Jets to Brazil earned substantial followings in the indie-rock world, making emo one of the more popular underground rock styles at the turn of the millennium."

    Taken from the Bible.As always.

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