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Thread: New Virus

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    Just then here in aus on the news it said that a new virus has been spreading rapidly accross america this morning and is expected to have infected alot of active computers.

    Anyone know about this??? Ways to protect my computer from this virus???

    *update not as bad as i thought

    more info on what i think is the virus,20...39115865,00.htm

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    yeh i saw it too... just update nav or whatever and dont open emails that u dont trust... easy enough

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    Doom and its variations are out for many days now. SCO group was one of the first victims. Here is a topic i had posted few days back

    The new variant targets Microsoft
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    yes ... doom will start it&#39;s activity on february, 1st. and will stop on 12.02.

    latest virus_definitions seems to be enough - but if you want to check your maschine, you can use for example "stinger.exe" which is from "network associates technology inc." mcafee_stinger.

    cu uncle

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    Someone keeps sending me infected emails, but I can&#39;t tell who they&#39;re coming from because the return address is fake. Luckily Norton keeps catching it, but I&#39;ve recieved it seven times in the last three days&#33;

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    it&#39;s not all too bad...sco sucks anyways

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    Originally posted by Xilo@29 January 2004 - 23:08
    it&#39;s not all too bad...sco sucks anyways
    if they get hit i wont complain, but i dont want my computer infected.

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    Even though I hate M&#036;, they don&#39;t deserve this.

    SCO does though...

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@29 January 2004 - 23:25
    Even though I hate M&#036;, they don&#39;t deserve this.

    SCO does though...
    To tell you the truth I wouldnt mind if both of them took a hike.

    Bill can leave xp with me though

    As for SCO...................a couple of poundings up side the head with a 50 pound unix manual should do the trick. Knock some sense into their non-opensource minds


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