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Thread: My Klk++ Became Slow

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    i have kazaa lite k++ about a week .In the begining it was really cool it was fast i could find anything i wanted.When iwas searching for popular files such as metallica
    songs the bandwidth(in the search menu) was like 3900 and like 800 user had those files.Now something happend and the bandwidth went down to exactly 291.Now when i start a download it is in the more sources status and when it begins its being downloaded at 2-1kb/s what sould i? do please tell me.

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    If KL++ thinks your computer is behind a firewall or router, speeds WILL be a lot lower than otherwise. As the network has changed a lot over the last 6 months, you may see this effect even if your connection has NOT changed.

    Are your uploads suffering speed losses too?
    What settings are you using on uploads and downloads?
    (Bad settings can cause horrible results&#33

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    probably it must have been my settings fault.I wasnt sure what settings i had before so i uninstaled my kl++ and it work just fine.Thanks for the advise.

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    How fast (total) can you upload in KL++?
    And how fast is your connection?

    It's best if KL++'s upload bandwidth is limited to only 50-80% of your connection's max upload bandwidth.


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