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Thread: Search In K-lite...

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    i use k-lite (KLR)

    now i saw a user download beatbox.mp3 from me, next i saw a user download the same file from me?

    it sems to me that when one user try to download a file then anotter and anotter trys to download this file. and why dose this hapen?

    and when i search on file name, or enters the keywords i do not get all the files.
    my friend was online sharing a file bot search cold not find it. then i try to connect to him by supernode, still nothing, but efter conecting to supernode i try to do a new search at the same file name. and then it finds it, and i start download...

    this was only a test when trying to shere a new file not shared by otters.
    but if i dont find the file by a unik keyword or file name
    how cold otters find it when do a search?

    oh one more thing for some time ago i saw a user downloading the file i did search for. downloading from me. and menny have downloaded it from my frind. but when i did try to search for it i did not find enything. why dose this happen?

    why do it not find all the files?

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    simple you can't search your own files in side klite, but just know what ever is in your my shared folder is being shared


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