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Thread: To Dvd Or Not

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    I am sure there is someone on this board who can answer any question a person throws at them....So here goes... I like a lot of people , have gotten a new dvd for xmas... My cousin did as well , and she can play all the "Will and Grace " videos she downloads.
    I am wondering if there is a way I can do the same ? Is there something special I should know about say a movie I download ? I do not have a DVD burner , nor does she .... However she can play these movies on her's .....So if I download a movie and burn it on a cd . How does this get played ?

    Thanks , any help would be appericated.

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    Be more specific. What do u want to do ?
    Do u want to convert a avi or mpg movie to DVD or VCD or something ? What exactly is your question ?
    Do u want to burn vcd-s and play them on a dvd-player or what ?

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    To find out how to burn CD-R to play movies on DVD player check out KVCD guide below.


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