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Thread: Tmpgenc Problem

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    I have tmpgenc and i'm trying to convert an asf to an mpeg and when i select the ASF file for video it says that the program has generated errors and will be shut down!! what do I do??? help please?

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    Isn't this your third post about this?

    As was said before, TMPGEnc should be able to do this, so if yours can't try updating the program or reinstall it.

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    did you download it from the kazaa site if you did then the chances are you have the same problem i it doesn't work properly...try downloading this...'VCD Movie Making Kit'... with your p2p programme and reinstaling should work fine then.


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    Open TMPGenc and cancel out of the wizard. Now click on 'Option' and choose 'Environmental Setting'. Click on the tab that says 'VFAPI Plug-in'. Look for the line that says 'DirectShow Multimedia File Reader' and make sure the box to the left of it is checked. Now right click on that line and select 'Higher Priority' until the priority column reads at least 2. This line should now be at the top of the list. Now try converting your .asf again. If it still doesn't work, the file might be corrupted.


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