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Thread: Is Cannibal Holocaust Any Good?

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    Well, I saw this film for a dollar at a video sale. Its on VHS. I heard mixed reviews about it. I'm a big fan of Horror and gore, is this worth buying? SHould I spend the dollar on a cup od coffee instead?

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    if you're a certified gore fanatic, you might wanna see it just to be able to say that you've seen it. and maybe just to see how much of the idea for the movie was ripped off by Blair Witch. but i wouldn't call it a genuinely good movie, not even by horror standards. it's more of an oddity, a curiosity, than a cinematic tour de force, if you know what i mean.

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    for $1 that`s about £0.60 get it, its a good film if your in to that sort of thing but for that price your silly not to.

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    they might think ur a pervert if u buy it.... lol the movie was really stupid and the gore wasnt that great

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    Back in the was classed as a video nasty i think bin on the piss crap by todays standerd horrors but think bit ov a classsic for us oldies lol, so it when i was at school many moons ago ,but for a dollar, i say bye matey

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    For a buck?! Why the hell not. The guys are right though it is a piece of work. I heard somewhere that is was the scariest movie ever produced so I bought it. But I couldn’t watch it, not a gore fan, I pass out at needles. Its not even that there is much gore but it is real gore. Kill Bill for instance with all that flying blood, its just comic right, but I only got like 20 minutes or so into Cannibal Holocaust and turned it off. It was just a nasty kind of gore, a real turn your stomach thing. It was very much like watching “faces of death.” If you think that kind of evil crap is cool then you would probably like CH. To be honest the part where I turned it off was not the cinematic violence, it was when they started killing animals. I mean that was just bad news. The actors got paid, the 120 year old turtle that lived through the invention of the automobile just got hacked up for the enjoyment of dumb assed hillbillies, wrong and sad.


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    Well guys, I think I'll check it out. I am not a big fan of Faces of Death, so if CH has stuff like this in it, I might not watch it. I will probably buy it, just to add to my collection. I'm also not a big fan of slaughtering animals. But, I'll check it out anyways, just to say I watched it.


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