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Thread: Pgp

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    I installed PGP and want to encript files on my pc. The thing is I dont know how to Anyone has some sort of guide about this soft? Any help will be appreciated it.

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    If you want to encrypt files, go to Start -> Programs -> PGP -> Mail. Then click on the "Encrypt files" button.

    If you want to encrypt email, there should be a book (PDF) that came with PGP called Intro To Crypto / User's Manual.

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    I want to encrip my HD but I get an error dialog like:

    "Couldnt fine a Valid Default key. Please check your setting in PGPkeys"

    I check but i dont know what or where the default key is

    Thanks for any help

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    PGP Disk is not free.

    And if you want to encrypt your disk, you should try real-time security, like RSA.


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