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Thread: Kazaa Lite Resurrection

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    i have been reading stuff on this post site and people are saying that klr is nothing more than k++, but my klr is working better than all of the other kazaa and kazaa lite's put together. and i think that we need to create another kazaa lite called kazaa lite unharmed or something like that so we can have a better kazaa lite than ever before!!!!!!!

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    Just use the one that works..

    It Kazaa Lite is working we don't need anything else, and pretend that life is glorious.


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    dude kazaa makers are Gone! they gived up! they made an Good thing and Sharmen Corp stoped them , + no one carez about new verg! they all r the same! with differnt looks and one or 2 new tools!!! 4 get it
    use ur kazaa Lite wich ever verg u got!
    guess what......... No!.....
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