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Thread: Wtf Just Happened?

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    i just finished downloading an 80meg torrent in raza but when i went to open it it was corrupted . at first i thought it was a dud but when i started the SAME torrent again and replaced the new file with the old corrupted one raza said only 4megs were good .how the hell did i manage to download 76megs of crap????

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    Did u do everything your mother told you to do. Did you steal? Did you flame? may not, but it is usual that you get corrupted files. I once downloaded a 500+ meg file and then it was corrupted, I downloaded the same file 4-6 times and it was still corrupted. Just go and wash your hard drive with windex, get a gun and shoot the guy(s) who you downloaded the file from, option 3 is "sqeeze trigger" instead.
    btw: i dun recmmed any of the above actions. Do hem @ your own risk.
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