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Thread: Kazaa Lite Download

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    Yea it's wienerschnitzel's avatar lmao
    I think it is just a fake site, because the real site is already back long time ago now and the admins will not put the download links on the site.
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    I made the site because I hate how all the sites that offered Kazaa for free are all charging. That&#39;s bullshit. So I made a small site that offers it. You can check out my main website at or you can IM me on AIM "misdemeanor M4TT".

    Heh I&#39;m out pz

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    Originally posted by supersonic@29 January 2004 - 22:07
    Yea it&#39;s wienerschnitzel&#39;s avatar&nbsp; &nbsp; lmao
    I didn&#39;t even notice that.

    And to the guy who made the site, if you&#39;re intentions are honest then I&#39;m sorry I doubted you. One word of advice though - remove all instances of the word &#39;Kazaa&#39; or Sharman will eventually discover it and shut you down.

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    "Welcome to the offical website of Kazaa Lite"

    Excuse me?&#33;?&#33; Official?
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    Originally posted by NotoriousBIC@30 January 2004 - 00:40
    "Welcome to the offical website of Kazaa Lite"

    Excuse me?&#33;?&#33; Official?
    That is what I was thinking when I seen that.

    But they can have it&#33;

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    despite all the mean things the other people have been saying about the new kazaa lite ++ official homepage...i think the homepage is okae&#33; i mean, since the shaman people killed the other kazaa lite homepage, i think that this is a good start of a new one&#33; good luck w/ everything..and i hope to see more from kazaa lite&#33;

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