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Thread: Just Got A Scsi Controller And Hdd

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    OK i just bought a scsi controller and 1gb hdd for $AU30 and i was wondering how much i can re sell them for ?

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    What brand SCSI controller is it?

    You probably wont be able to get much.

    How did you get it anyway? Kinda odd you would buy something like this.

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    Originally posted by _John_Lennon_@29 January 2004 - 22:20
    Kinda odd you would buy something like this.
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    Don't think ya gonna get very much, HD how old, bad sectors? etc

    SCSI hardware what make has it been used etc?

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    Well, as you can see , i dont know shit about scsi devices.

    I have heard that some run faster and are worth a bit.

    I bought it from cash converters and the brand of the hdd is a connor or someshit like that (label pretty bad) and the card is a diamond fireport 20 ultra SCSI +.

    i got an old motherboard lying around so ill get it going and see if its corrupt or not.

    SO did i get ripped off ?


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