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Thread: New Free Firewall Available

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    Here is the official announcement
    Sup peeps,

    We have now released ProtoWall to the Public,it is a app that works like
    peerguardian,but it will block tcp-ip/udp/igmp/icmp and raw ip packets.

    the app will only install on windows xp,windows 2000 and windows server 2003
    because it is useing a driver that will only install on these systems.

    this is not ment to hurt peerguardian in anyway,Dudez just made this app to help
    out with the memory issues that peerguardian is haveing.

    enjoy and if there are any problems with it post it in the tech support section
    of the protowall forums

    the help fle on the driver install is located at

    and the app can be downloaded at

    This app uses much less resources than PG. CPU stays around 3-4% on my machine and mem usage averages between one and two megs and i have had it running for a day an a half straight with no problems. I would recommend giving the app a try.

    Also, the Blocklist Manager has reached beta and is great if you want to get a more complete and up to date blocklist than peerguardian offers.

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    i just add the ips to my firewall to block

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    Why dont you do a search before you post this repeat topic?..Its all ready been posted , so ya too slow


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