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Thread: Find More From Same User

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    I've been file sharing with KL and others for many years and have always used the 'find more from same user' and have had great sucess with it in the past.

    It allows you to find files that you might not have otherwise and you can get an idea of the speed potential of the user.

    However, in that past 6 months to a year or so, I've only got about 5% of these to work, the rest are 'search finished without any results'

    I'm using KL 2.4.3 but this happened with the old 2.0.2 that I was using for months.

    I know that some people use other networks or products, but this is just worthless. I'm thinking that everyone has shut down access to searching their files and If that's the case, why should I continue to share mine?

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    There's an option that allows users to hide their shared folders (for security reasons), that's why you're not getting any results.

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    The RIAA got everybody shitting there
    i still show mine(shared files) if people do a search, as I live where the big bad RIAA/MPAA doesnt have jackshit in what goes on in our country


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