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Thread: How To Get Missing Rars For An Incomplete Archive

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    How to Get Missing Rars for an incomplete archive - by Solidsnake

    I was playing around with the search button again, and I noticed there were a lot of questions about what to do if your missing a rar or two. So i decided to write a how to.

    This how to assumes you have an IRC client installed on your computer, you know how to connect to a server, you know how to recieve a dcc transfer, and you read the how to on file types by FD. What I'm trying to say is, a little experience with irc wouldn't hurt If needed, I will write an IRC how to to tack on the bottom of this.


    1. Your going to have to connect to Efnet and join channel #incomplete: You can click here for a direct link to the channel:
    (#Incomplete is located on other networks, if you run out of requests you can visit other networks, but this will be addressed later on in the tutorial).

    2. #Incomplete allows you request up to 5 rar/sfv files per every 24 hours. For the sake of arguement, let say your missing two rar files, and want an sfv file to make sure you have everything.

    The basic guideline for requesting a file is for you to type this:
    !request filename.rar / Description of release.

    Now, lets plug in a real file. We'll use the Tomb.Raider.2.DVDR-Replica release for an example. Let's Suppose you are missing rar number 60 on disk two. You would type this in:
    !request rep-tr2.r60 / Tomb.Raider.2.DVDR-Replica

    After you type that in, the channel bot will acknowledge your request by typing this (it will be all in red) back:
    (@Bertie) Request (58) added by [Yourname] + [rep-tr2.r60 / tomb.raider.2.DVDR-replica]

    After the bot acknowleges your request, you will see pms from bots informing you that they have your file, and how long you will be in que until they dcc send you the file. It usually isn't longer than five minutes. You can now continue to type in your other requests (up to five) using the same method i showed you.

    Now, I bolded the number 58 for a specific reason, as this is your request number, and if you want to cancel the request, you need it.

    Say we decide that we didn't want the rar that we requested. To cancel, simply type

    !close ID#

    Using our example, we would type:
    !close 58
    The bot will acknowledge your canceling of the file in the channel window:

    (@Bertie) User Cancelled Request username [rep-tr2.r60 / tomb.raider.2.DVDR-replica]

    3. Changing your name will not allow you to get files on the network, as the bots work with IPs, not names. If you are missing more than 5 files, visit #incomplete on another network after you max out you requests on the efnet #incomplete.

    #Incomplete is also located on these networks (I posted direct links):

    4. Step 4 is just two side notes. One, remember the bot name will change by network and it will not always be bertie. Two, don't be lame and try to get an entire set of 55 or so rars by using all 6 networks and proxies. That ruins this great service for everyone is and is quite lame.

    Well i guess that brings us to the end of another Solidsnake tutorial.

    Th Th Th Th That's all folks.......

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    Great post!!!

    Thought I'd throw in some handy links:

    SearchIRC 'incomplete' listing (lookup all #incomplete channels)

    Website of the 'Incomplete' network
    Can't remember a movie's name? Ask help at MovieWorld's Lost & Found

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    thx for the links

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    also irc://

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    i have tried this all before but hardly ull get ur request

    if u search for corupted file on any search engines at startting days of that file ull sure get it, but once the file is old u wont get it easily.

    "You can be mad as a mad dog at the way things went; you can swear and curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go"
    Benjamen button

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    we can tell the noobs to read this first b4 they ask

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all

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    [/showing off] The rollback bit in their site is due to me

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    Very Nice...

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    Hey James, shouldnt you give credit to ambrosia??

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    wow! that is such a useful tip! thanx a million

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