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Thread: Way To Split Files In Two

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    A guy from my school has downloaded Call of Duty via Bittorent but now he wants to put it on cd for me. Its one big file is there a program to split the files in two parts.

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    There is but they are not great and generally unneeded. I cannot give you a good name of one, for the reason just given, but I remeber someone going on about some program called chainsaw or something.

    More importantly what is the extension on this one file? it is probably either .tar, or .rar. If so inside of that file, will be two sets of bins and cues, which will fit on cd's.

    I do not think that call of duty was released on dvd so there is no reason that would be one big file.

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    Theres tons of them
    most of them free(ware)
    lok in google - file split
    super simple eazy progs
    (i think winrar does it also)(check it)

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    Thanks i just used Winrar and it worked


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