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Thread: Laptop Keyboard Issue.

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    Help :helpsmile: Suddenly my shift and the numbers, sorry I can't type m
    only 5 and 6 funtion the rest of my number stop working along with the shift.

    I try every single key and the all work fine including 5 and 6, the rest of the numbers only and shift dont work any ideas

    I've know there is a way of lifting up the keyboard on a laptop I just dont know How.......

    Thank you in advanced
    as always...

    xp pro
    HP pavillion xh555

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    1.Lift every single key which has problems and clean(no water) underneath it
    2.on my very outofdate toshiba- there is a cliky thing somewhere- which realeases the entire keyboard(this doesnt help for individual keys)
    3.Worst case Scenario - Somebody spilt water\coffee\beer etc on it -open the keys and dry up fast, if its beer\sugar liquid use wet cloth then let it dry for a long while.

    With an external keyboard its not a problem to wash it - but laptops its if its only a few keys and you have warranty bring it back

    In the meantime-(unless you dont find solution)
    -There is an OnScreen Keyboard you can use in the meantime - go to Start-Programs-Accesories-Accesabitlity-Keyboard
    -You can connect an external keyboard

    I just brought back mine for the reason of Coffee-pain in the ass

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    Wao, Thanks BRO
    that onscreen keyboard will really help for now I could'nt even write emails no shift numbers ect 2@ testing it works AWSOME for now...
    Thanks Bud...

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    Enjoy Cliking
    (there are nicer (smaller) virtual keyboards available (google) than the windows version)


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