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Thread: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage

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    Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage Out-take/- The Full Story -

    The clip is FAKED

    It is not an out-take leaked from a NASA top secret reel.

    It was done in a studio, for fun, and to entertain webheads like us.

    Yes, the clip is fake. It was shot in a studio in London in spring 2002. It was based on an idea by director Adam Stewart, who was a space exploration nut. He had read the conspiracy theory sites and decided he wanted to make a spoof based on the idea that the Apollo 11 moonlanding was faked.
    Adam Stewart died on 28th August 2002. He is greatly missed. Please read this tribute to him

    If you listen hard, at the end of the clip, as 'Neil' climbs back up the ladder, you hear him say, 'Sorry Mr Gorsky'. Most of you will probably get this reference. If you don't, go to to find out what it's about.

    So now you know. But remember this: Just because our clip is a spoof doesn't mean they DID land on the moon. The truth is out there, man.


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    i just read alot of it. its very surprising!
    Aliens on the moon:

    There is even evidence that the US astronauts were closely watched by the aliens while on luna firma.
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    I think im subconciously stealing this from a comic, but wouldn&#39;t it have been funny if buzz aldrin etc. they set up some monster looking thing.. then put it in front of the camera.. then disappeared with a lot of yelling. heh then an hour later come back and act like nothing happened.
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    Wow these conspiracy guys seem rather paraniod, I wonder if they have watched the film "Capricorn One" lately.

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    The truth is indeed out there. Right here in fact...

    Mulder could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he&#39;d just gone and interviewed the people on this site...

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    Another interesting read, they don&#39;t seem to work for NASA though.


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