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Thread: Convince Me

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    To get back a ed2k client.I tried everithing, Overnet Lite , eMule, etc, works fine but i have only a problem , after a hour of download my pc begin to be slow as hell.

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    are you hashing any files?

    how many total sources?

    are any files in the process of completion.?

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    Win ME dont work to well with anything

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    2.A lot

    @Java Boy

    Windows XP, AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ 256mb ram

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    yay you finally upgraded!!

    Youve probably heard that you can turn off all the stats and graphs, and all the other options in emule, overnet etc so the actual program uses less resources.
    Normally the stats youve mentioned(for ya comp) would handle the resource and thread load, but more memory wouldnt go astray(WinXP uses a minimum of 128MB's to run)

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    my specs:
    1.2Ghz AMD Athlon
    256MB RAM
    Connection : 600Kb/128Kb
    Found sources: 2000-4000.

    Try lowering your found sources number to 2000 (value can be found in stats). If you currently hold a lot of downloads in the list either paused/stopped, clear it or store it in a txt file till till you've downloaded some off. 100+ on mine slows it down.
    Any partitions?
    Disable any sorting updates.
    Lower queue size.
    Increase stats redisplay time or disable.
    Try different mods.
    Lower priority of hashing just in case.

    Try these and let me know how you get on.

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    sh with overnet sometimes the amount of bandwith that is being used is so high and it seems to slow the pc, a guick restart of the program should take care of that

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    Originally posted by MUSLEMAN@31 January 2004 - 06:39
    a guick restart of the program should take care of that
    Well thats the last thing you want to be doing .Esp' with programs that work by running long periods,queue systems, etc..

    Mate if you're having probs & cant fix or get around them,you shouldnt need convincing

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    Nope, nothing work, thanks to everybody, i tried again now i will unninstall again emule, my hard disk its defragmented like hell after all the night of download, everithing goes slow like the hell again, damn.

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    if you have one or two files i don't see the big deal and have been doing restart all the time, i mean if its going super slow what do you have to lose????

    sh take a look at your temp folder in emule and overnet and make sure you don't have files/folders in there from past downloads, if so delete them, other than that if might be your ram or pc

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