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    Which di i need to read the dvd a dvd burner or advd reader so i can rip a movie on to my computer so i can transfer it to vcd and which is the best program which lets me to do this?
    Almost forgot do i need a dvd burner to burn a dvd to vcd?

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    You just need a DVD Rom drive. Not a DVD writer.

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    Can video stores know if i ripped there movie to vcd

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    Nope, not as far as I know, I ripped not another teen movie the other day, and unless they got internet in the big house I'm still cool.

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    DVD-Rom is all you need in order to rip a movie.

    No, no one can tell what you did to the disc. A disc is a locked item, you cannot add nor take away information from it, so the answer is no, no one will ever know what you did to that DVD whilst it was in your possession, unless you tell them.

    Good luck.


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