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Thread: E Mule And Overnet

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    i hope this ant been covered elsewhere did look -honest!!
    im running both e mule n overnet lite on comp at mo to c which is best n to be honest im getting pretty crap speeds on both. looking through forum people seem to be getting some pretty good speeds spec on overnet.
    can any1 tell me how to config my settings in both to get best speeds poss- in simple terms pse as im bit thick!!
    ive been running emule for while n upload loads i got high id o tht
    my connection is 500k LAN?? (if that makes sense)
    pse help :helpsmile:
    thanx in advance

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    dont run both at the same time.
    read here for setting emule.

    make sure firewall/router is setup properly. also make sure both dont use the same ports.

    even more so if you intend to run both at the same time.

    since your on lan, enable lancast.

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    no matter which one you run you speed is only as good as the # of sources you have and their upload speed.

    now i have both also but you should run one at a time, in doing so i found overnet to be much faster if finding and downlaoding sources, ofcourse the more files you are sharing with it and if your upload is set to 10 then you should be ok, the rest is out of your hands

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    cheers for that guys

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    I suppose this question will fit in this topic. I am getting ready to install Overnet, but I am wondering, is there any way I can continue something from eMule in Overnet? I am downloading some 600mb and the d/l status is always waiting.. it has been 3 days so far

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    what was last seen date? or any red bars?

    if never then chances are its not gonna help even if you could in overnet.

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    Hmm.. I checked in another post, and not sure who, but they said to change TCP port to 80.. and I restarted it and now it is going good (11kb/s) It is almost done


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