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Thread: Problem Activating Norton Firewall 2004

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    PLease :helpsmile:

    I have recentlydownloaded/ installed Norton Firewall 2004 and having trouble activating it. I have the serial key (downlaoded) and the subscription service is shown as expiring 26/1/2005 but I keep getting a message saying the programme/trail has only 9 days left. How can i get to activate it without having to go through to Norton ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    |Thanks, Dave

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    Sorry, I can't help you.

    But, I would advise against using Norton's software, especially the 2004 line. Apparently lots of people are having trouble with it, like Internet Security slowing down internet connections, the antivirus just basically not doing what it should or taking way too many system resources, and so on.

    But, I do know that Norton Systemworks needs to be activated online and you need to temperarily disconect your internet connection so the number to call to activate it over the phone comes up and input the key there. As for the firewall, I don't know. I used 2003 and I didn't like it. Why use a software firewall when you can have hardware do a better job (router for example).

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    XERO GRID .... Thanks for reply, you have explained it qite well enough for me. I have windows xp pro and the internet/modem has a firewall installed, would you say that this would be suffice ? Thanks again.

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