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Thread: G Spot - How Many Codecs Do You Have ?

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    When I run G Spot it says that have 34 codecs.

    Is this a good number - how many do you have ?
    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    I have the bare minumum..
    theres no need to bloat your system with unneccessary codec packages.They just cause conflits at some stage or another

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    Yes, but,

    How many do you have ?

    And what is the bare minium ?


    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    Feb 2003
    I got:

    49 video codecs
    31 audio codecs

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    The less codecs you have installed the better video performance your PC will have.K-Lite Codec Pack is more than enough.Believe me...

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    58 video
    31 audio

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    Thanks for the numbers guys.

    If as many people say the Kazaa Coedec Pack is all you need and if I install this will it install over any codecs I have now ?

    Should I delete all the codecs I have now, then install the pack ?

    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    Mar 2003
    Yes mate .Uninstall the other ones first.

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    Thanks I will uninstall them first.

    A funny thing I just noticed.

    As I say G Spot says I have 34 Video Codecs.

    Yet when I go into Windows Control Pannel Multi Media Devices then look at the Video Codecs it lists only 15 !

    What gives here ?

    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    GSpot includes the VFW and the directshow codecs.
    When you go at Windows Control Pannel,at Multi Media Devices,at the Video Codecs you only see the VFW codecs!

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