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Thread: Where Do Codecs Go When Theyre Installed ?

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    When you install a codec pack where do the codec files go ?

    Do they stay in that Codec packs folder ?

    Or do they get installed into say Windows/system folder ?
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    In XP its C:\WINDOWS\system32

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    I don't know where the K-Lite codec pack puts them, but you can essentially put a codec anywhere you want (a DirectShow codec at least). You register it by running regsvr32 codecsfilename, deregistering is done by running regsvr32 /u codecsfilename.
    To my knowledge it doesn't matter at all where the file actually resides.

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    Is there a way to make it work with WMP9?

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    Great info guys !

    Thanks for that !

    Anymore ?


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    Get RegShExt.inf from
    This is RegSvr32 Shell Extension information file.Install it and then you will be able to register or unregister any directshow filter from anywhere you want anywhere you want with just a simple click!
    You can uninstall it if you don't want it anymore from add/remove programs.

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    Thanks Opsis.

    I'll install that program !

    What does Directshow mean ?

    I tend to dload Mpegs and AVI files, I find that some play on one player and not the other and vice versa, yet I ahve reda that they are really both part of MPeg4 format. It is very complicated and confusing.


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    How do you install it?

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    Originally posted by killer04@1 February 2004 - 07:23
    How do you install it?
    You can install .inf files using the right mouse button and then select "Install" from the context menu. "Install" is usually listed as the second option of the context menu.

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    Oh thnx. But what will this inf do?

    Can it make the kazaa lite codec pack work with WMP9?

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