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Thread: Shareaza Sucks Badly

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    Well shareaza has officialy moved me over to winmx. I started downloading a file using shareaza it was 97.03 meg i downloaded 20 meg then it stoped so i went 2 winmx & downloaded another file wich was 90.09 megs & then started shareaza again & let both files start downloading well when i woke up in the morning winmx had finished the file & shareaza is just stoped on 95% status pending sourced 508. This just sucks seriously winmx is now the one for me . If shareaza ever finishes downloading my file its going 2 get uninstalled from my comp. I highly recomend ppl to use winmx.

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    Yeah for music maybe. Shareaza does battle to finish downloads, thats why I'm now using Overnet, although that does too on some files. Wish KLite had less fakes, and more people sharing.

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    yup. shareaza can be shite at times but why not use different p2p software if you cant get a file from one p2p software.

    i use mIRC, shareaza and emule. if i cant find a file on one software i use another and vice versa....i have to say tho shareaza and mIRC dl speeds are f-ing fast!

    good luck with winmx...i used that once..

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    Why use Shareaza and E-mule? Aren't they both connected to edonkey? I use BT a lot more than I use anything else but I still use the Shareaza client for the gnutella, G2, edonkey d/ls as well.

    I'm looking forward to the new Morpheus I'm not sure what network it doesn't connect to.

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    I have the new morpheus 4.0 B. I downloaded it off shareaza (the cr@rcked version). I installed it, ran it for a while>>deinstalled it. Morpheus can only connect to one newtwork, the others it will never connect to them untill you DIE. It is bullpoop, so I know use kazaalite and shareaza. Morpheus is supposed to connect to many networks, but it never does. Dont waste ur time looking 4 it.
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