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    Hi, Im just wondering what exactly are the purpose of playlists, How do I use them, and how do I make them?...I DLed a playlist just out of curioisity but have no idea how to use it.

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    Playlists are just an easy way of organizing your songs so you don't have to manually open each one to play it. Think of a radio..but without ads. Constant stream of music.

    How to use them depends on what playlist you downloaded. Different media players use different extensions for their playlists. Once you know what media player your playlist is from, just fire it up and load the list. However, you'll have to have the same songs in the same directories as the guy who made the list.

    To make them, open up your player, and (in the case of WinAmp, which is what I use) click "Add..." and then choose "File," "URL," or "Directory," depending on if you want to play a whole song directory, play a song off a website, or pick songs you've saved and arrange them in an order yourself. To save your list (which is a good idea, especially if you create different lists for different moods), click "List Opts" and "Save List." You'll also see "New List" to start a new list, and "Load List" to load a previously saved (or downloaded ) list.

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    I use Windows media player.

    I got to file>add to media library>add file.

    Choose whatever I want in that playlist, be it a t.v. series or music, then go to playlist and find it, simple stuff.

    Makes it easier to just have whatever you want running.

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