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Thread: Acd-ffn.mpg

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    :helpsmile: Ok, i've downloaded quite a few of these files now and i've at last got some free time to watch them, BUT wtf???? they won't play grrrrrrr. I've done a quick search on the net where the opinion is that i need to download a MPEG2 codec, but can anyone out there advise me on which one to use??? And for that matter of fact if there is a better player out there that can immediately cope with the file? Did a quick search on the forum under vcd-ffn and couldn't find any results so i hope i'm not re-hashing an old topic allready dealt with Any help would be appreciated

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    trying it now..... cheers

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    :confused: nope videolan doesn't work.... i load up the file and nothing happens, the consol window remains open but no sound and no picture :helpsmile:

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    you can try the klite codec pack but most likely a fake

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    Sucess!!!! I unistalled all codecs then only installed those i know i need Thanks for all the help


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