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Thread: Oe 6 Creates ~ Icon On Desktop.

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Aug 2003
    my dad uses outlook express 6, it has all of the updates and everything, but whenever he closes outlook it creates an icon on the desktop with teh name ~.

    there is no file extension on it and it is 173kb in size. dopes anybody know why it creates this file? its kinda annoying to keep deleting it on the desktop and when we make it hidden it comes right back next time he uses oe.

    It does this on windows xp pro AND windows 98.

    both have all updates installed and neither have viruses or any spyware.

    can anybody help?

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    skelley521's Avatar puter ghost
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    Feb 2003
    Right off hand I believe it has something to do with his address book if memory serves me correctly........I will look further though.

    Edit: found this....

    It appears after a change has been made to the contacts list. It is a known glitch It lets you know when changes are made and is handy if it appears when you haven't made any changes yourself, it means someone else has been there and changed something. It is safe to delete as it is only a back-up of your contact list before the change was made.

    I Will look for a solution.

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