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    Just wondering if anyone knows where to find some good higher end audio plug-in's (crack) for both mac and pc. I used to have a bunch of perfect cracks from oxygen, but they're no good on my new system, and I can't find new ones anywhere. Cheers.

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    Shouldnt be too difficult to find them with search in k-lite. Ive gotten scores of VSTs - search for Absynth, Kontakt, Halion, Pro 53, Dcota, B4, FM7, Reaktor - they are all there and there are many sources for download. The only thing Ive not found is Spectrasonics Atmosphere - but they dont produce a demo version so its unlikely to come up on fast-track.

    What is it you are specifically looking for?


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    I already have everything you mentioned - if there's a working version of Amplitube out, I'd be interested - I have the last one but it conflicts with Sampletank. I'm more interested in Mac stuff, as I have pretty much everything I want for PC - Spectrasonics stuff would be very cool though. Ever find any samples for dl?

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    If there's any TDM stuff available that would rock too.

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    can someone tell me were i can find abysynth 4 as my trial version is not working...

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    Magesy dot ru, on the top right click "music apps" to narrow your view. You have to register but its worth it and they don't spam you.


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