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Thread: Please Help

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    I'm being driven mad ! All Films I burn are coming out inverted and upside down !!!!!!!
    How can I solve this PLEASE :helpsmile:
    I will try anything !

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    Click here and type in Upside down in the field.

    Try softwareworld and movieworld.


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    this is a reply i posted to another post

    you will need sonic mydvd all to be found on kazaa.
    open sonic click dvd video then create or modify a dvd-video
    next click get movie and load your avi file the click edit video
    new window click edit video go down to send all clips in menu.
    new window look for these and click. entire movie, timeline, then click create then down to dvd without menues. the window that opens saying save as, just close and another window will open here you can name your dvd it will also tell you what drive it is going to write to then put a dvd (do not forget the dvd-rw) in your drive and hit ok and in 2 to 6 hours hey presto you have a dvd to play on your standalone dvd player.

    if your movie is upside down dont worry go to efects and click flip vertical the go to yellow line saying flip ver. right click on yellow line, extend to align, the end of movie and your movie will be the correct way up

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    Help me too...... :helpsmile:
    The problem that I am facing with downloaded movies is that the frame gets freezed after 10-15 secs of play, though sound is normal.

    It happens only with new movies, I have experiecnced the same with American Pie 3, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Matrix (latest).

    Whats the solution???


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    A little more imformation would be helpfull ex. mpeg or avi file ,player used and file size.

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    Thanks for the response.

    Ya sure
    Files extentions are .avi ,
    Size 685 - 700 MB (which can be fit into one CD) ,
    Player I use is Windows Media Player ,
    And CODEC pack installed in the system is ACE Mega CoDecS Pack v5.00 (Xvid & Divx Codec.EXE: 24 MB), got the same from Kazaa.

    Here's the question again:
    The problem that I am facing with downloaded movies is that the frame gets freezed after 10-15 secs of play i.e. when the movie starts, other than this everything is shown as normal like length of movie and sound too.

    It happens only with new movies, I have experienced the same with American Pie 3, Matrix Reloaded and Once Upon A Time In Mexico. As a result of which I have already deleted the first two


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    first suggestion try divfix (google it and make sure you save your original file) on the file.Second suggestion just a hint but i prefer the klite codec pack from this site ..I use bsplayer for avi's and powerdvd for mpegs..most avi's of that size are good quality but hard on resources ..shut down what you don't need running while viewing the movie..(if you decide to install the codec pack remember to unistall reboot then reinstall the new one )..

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    Thanks for the reply
    I will try these things and let u know the result


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    Thanks very much, now the movie is working


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