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Thread: Please Help With Tmpgenc.exe

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    Please can anyone help me because i keep getting this error message when i try to convert my avi's to mpeg format.....

    'Read error occured at address 00402f40 of module 'TMPGEnc. exe' with 733A3221'

    so any assistance from you knowlegeble people out there would be greatly appreciated.


    if it spurs anyone on to help me i share approximately 5500 genuine files and my computer is on 20 hours a day

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    Greeeat i've fixed it. Thank you very much o wolfe of the night.

    I shall name my first born son after you.

    Thank you again


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    Not bad, considering I've never had that problem and I really don't know anything about it - all I did was look it up in Google. Glad I could help, though.


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