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Thread: K Lite And Winmx And Router Issues

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    First off, please go easy on me due to the fact I am new and dont have much knowledge under my belt.
    I have 3 computers setup in my place. We have DSL fed into a Belkin wireless router. My laptop running XP is usually running wirelessly and my buddies desktop running XP is wired. I am in the process of tossing windows Me on my old desptop and installing XP to make networking easier, plus the ME cpu was done.

    I have been using Winmx for a about 2 years now and have been happy but I am starting to loose my patience. It takes forever for files to download not to mention to find files that are even available. I tried Shareaza and that wasnt anything to write home about.
    My main issue here is that I want to be able to find files easily and not worry about infecting my new laptop with spy-ware and ads. Also, since I have router the firewall is turned on. Will I have a problem with finding files? All shareazza does is say "some files were filtered out". I have a feeling this has to do with the router.


    PS. It's amazing the amount of information, time and effort everyone has provided on this forum.

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    klite is ad/spyware free, but remember no matter what you have you can still get trojens, viruses, etc. when downloading files on the net, no matter where and no matter with what.

    if you are behind a router you need to forward your port and use kanat, so you don't get firewalled.

    and last, there is no p2p out there that will get you every file you want real easy and real fast, # one rule with any p2p is patience.

    some times you get them fast as hell and sometimes slow as hell, it all depends on who is our there with the file and what their upload speed is


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