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Thread: Avoiding Netpaloffers Ads

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    A few websites I have been going to lately, has this stupid annoying NetpalOffers drive-by download ad on the website. No, this isn't your everyday one. When you click NO, a alert window says something like "You must click YES to continue." If you click NO again, this comes up again. If you click NO again, a download prompt comes up and I cancel out. Just when you think this can't get any more annoying, it does this on everypage until you click yes. (of course i will not surrender my PC to those idiots @ netpal) Is there any way to avoid these? Also, is this taking advantage of a security hole? (i mean the part if you click no, it pop-ups again) I mean, this is kinda getting out of hand.

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    I know how to remove it, I just want to know if there is a way of avoiding it.


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