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Thread: Nero5 Movie Burning

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    I have 3 quick questions...

    1. How do I burn a movie on cd-r with nero?

    2. Where can I find the overburn button in nero5?

    3. How many Mb can I overburn?(let's say the movie is 777Mb but the cd-r can only take 700Mb)

    I'm sure these questions sound so easy to you guys.
    Sorry for the hassle.


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    1.) Click on File/New or use the Wizzard.

    2.) Click on File/Preferences and select Expert Features . Put a check on the enable Overburn box. (Note: not all burners can do overburns)

    3.) 777MB on a 700MB disc is not possible in most cases. (Keep the excess megabytes to one digit and it should work) Some burners like the PlexWriter Premium can burn up to 1 GB on a 700MB disc using thier software, but it is recognizable only on there drive.

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    If you are talking about burning a VCD or SVCD then you can fit about 800MB on a 700MB CD without any overburning at all. There is 2 classifications on the CD in size one for DATA storage (700MB) and one is in minutes (80Mins) in which each minute is the equvivalent of 10MB per minute meaning 800MB for Audio/Video burns. I usually burn up to 804MB videofiles on a single CD with only a 3 minute overburn setting in Nero.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!


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