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Thread: Generics Host For Win 32

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    Every time when i go on the internet it tells me that two generic host processes are connected to the internet. Should i block them? Because i have adsl 128 k and i only get download speeds od 14kbs. Shouldnt they be 16-20kbs? Now i tested my internet speed form a website. It tells me that it is 92 kbs. Without Zone alarm 4.5 pro, msn messenger, getright it is 107 kbs. Any tips to speed up the internet.

    I have USB 2.0
    256 mb RAM
    1.4 GHZ
    Windows xp

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    errm how about getting a better internet package...thats only if you think you can afford one.
    you see 128k is for people who browse the net for about 2-3 hours a day.
    if you want faster speeds you need to get on a better net connection

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    In Mauritius, everything is too expensive...


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