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Thread: Battlefield 1942 Vs Call Of Duty

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    Sep 2003
    i dont get which is better.... i'm trying to buy 1 of thoes games... but one of my friends said to get COD but my other friend said BF1942.... which one should i get?

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    BF1942 hands down

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    explanation?? since i never played any of thoes games :helpsmile:

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    BF1942 - lotsa maps, the mod community is very big, graphics suck and is about balance over realism gameplay, oh yeah and using vehicules rock.

    CoD - Only a 3 month old game with only 12 maps but the developers promise more maps in the future, the mod community is just beginning, graphics rock compared to BF's, and is semi-realistic gameplay, and of course no vehicules but the infantry combat is very nice compared to BF's.

    That about sums it up I think, it's your choice but if you're looking for a game that is to be getting more support in the future and is still new I'd go for CoD. BF is just old but it's mod community is still very strong, but CoD's is just picking up...

    Again, it's all up to you, want an old and already reached it's peak game of BF1942, or do you want a young and still moving up to it's full potental game of CoD?

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    Does cod have alot of people playing online?
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    It has enough..but MOHAA has more Keikan...BTW guys...I tried that new patch for MP on cod...but still cant play it online..any help?

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    CoD MP sucks right now its way to arcadish. I only play BF42's mod Dersert Combat which is the best mod out today. I won't say the graphics suck, but there OK aslongs as u have a nice graphics card. I love to play with helicopters and other vehicles which Cod doesn't have. I think the mods that will come out on Cod will suck, because the ones that came out so far are only WW2 crap and ppl are tired of WW2. BF's Dersert Combat mod is changing with each patch, each new patch always have lots of new things. Yesterday BF came out with a patch that has Punkbuster (anti cheat software) and it works great. I even checked out the cheat forums for the game and the cheat makers are giving up because PB will ban their CD keys instead of kicking them from the server. We all here know they can't go on kazaa and get a new CD key because it won't work online. The only thing CoD has over BF is graphics and thats it. The SP is the only thing CoD has going good for it.

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    bf1942 graphics dont suck, u just have ur settings on low.

    also bf1942 has a very big modding community

    check out the most popular mod atm here

    also try here and here

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    bf1942 is a lan game, more for lots of poepl
    c0d is a single player game, its better for playing a game than with other people

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    CoD's mods aren't all about WWII, CoD Vietnam and Revolt to name a few. Of course they don't compare to BF's mods, they're not even into alpha stages yet.

    Oh and CoD's player base isn't as large as BF's yet due to only being 3 months old, BF is like what? Over a year old? It's obviously reached its player base peak months ago...

    CoD is still growing, in both player base and mod areas.

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