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Thread: Flametongue

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    Hi i was wondering if there are emulators and roms out there taking into account the new ones like playsation 1 and 2 gamecube and xbox. also whether there are roms for these that work. if there such things where would i go to get them.

    Thanking you in advance

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    Dont worry about the ps2, gamecube and xbox emu's because most you find will be fake and the real ones will be ones that you can just play homemade demo's or just boot to mainmenu because they are in very early development.

    You can get very good playstation emuators and one of the best ones is called epsxe and you can find it here

    If you like i can send you all the plugins and anything else that needs to make the emu work.

    You should also look into N64 emulators.

    Their is a very good one here if you wanna try it out.

    You can find plenty of n64 roms on kazaa .


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