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    Stopping Advertisements with Messenger Service Titles

    When you are connected to the Internet, a new window may open on your computer screen containing an advertisement. The windows are labeled Messenger Service in the title bar. However, these messages, which are sometimes called "messenger spam," are not related to MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger.

    These advertisements are sent via the Messenger Service, which is designed for use by system administrators in Windows server-client networks. System administrators use the messenger service to send messages that notify you of conditions on or give status about your network. However, some advertisers have started using this service to send their information via the Internert.

    If u disable the service 'Messenger' (that's NOT MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger) they can't send u any SPAM anymore.

    Go 2 the startmenu.
    Go 2 Run.
    Type 'msconfig'.
    Go 2 services.
    Disable 'Messenger'


    BTW. For more information on the origins of messenger spam and how to handle it, read
    this Knowledge Base article 330904.

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    Originally posted by -BlazE-@3 March 2003 - 15:48
    Go 2 the startmenu.
    Go 2 Run.
    Type 'msconfig'.
    Go 2 services.
    Disable 'Messenger'
    don't go to msconfig, I don't know why people go there. That is for testing purposes. If you change your settings to a normal install, you just enabled it again.

    Go to services.msc Then disable it.

    This gets it for good.


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