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Thread: Hexen 2

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    Hi all! I'm a bit new here so don't expect me to know everything, but hear me out. Apon downloading hexen 2, i get this archive that contains many zip files. When i try to extract the zip files in 1 big folder, they just overlap each other, making it impossible to install anything. But in short, does anyone know how to install hexen 2???

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    Do all the files end with .zip, or are they numbered .001, .002, etc? If so you need to use WinRAR and open the .001 file. That will combine all the parts and let you extract the files correctly.

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    I unpacked the original file to 36 smaller zipped files. Put all 36 into one folder. I unpacked them with WinRAR. The files are chained together and it started unpacking them in order. Start with the first file and let RAR do it's work. It took a while to unpack all of the files on my machine (a very slow 233), nearly 20 minutes.

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    that doesnt make any sense........see iif you can answer these questions....

    1. How Many zip files are in the archive?
    2. Please take the time to name EVERY file in the folder in which you zip all the files too.
    3. How in the world can i install it if there no exe. files except setup?
    4. Whats the directory of your hexen 2 folder?
    5. How do you create a chain of unzipping archives?
    6. Was your hexen 2 made by razor 1911?
    7. This may seem out of place, but are there any websites in whcih to dowload thier games?

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    Silly me, i didnt know the hexen.001-hexen.034 were archive files. Thanks alot!


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