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Thread: Nero 6 Problem

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    Whem i clean my pc after when istart Nero it says i need ot contact Adminstator to be allowed to use my Burner, i had to reinstall to get it to work again. I would rather not do this can anyone help me

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    do you have admin rights, or is someone esle on the pc?

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    what kind of clean are you doing

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    Yeah i am the admin its my pc i am adminstor and i am using Ashampoo and Windows Washer That clean Registry and Drive

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    is ok i sorted it i downloaded NeroBirnRights from the website so its cool now

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    I restarted the PC and its asking me to config Burning Rights and i set it for Everyone can burn and it keeps saying i have to set it up for i can burn.

    What do i need to do

    Stupid Nero


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